Fun / Tech Demos

Radiant Joanna

The silliest of project. My friend Joanna was a lamp for the halloween episode of the critical hit show. Someone on instagram called her radiant. I just had to make it a reality. So made a silly little web app as an excuse to do this / play with SVGs.


A little web app originally created for a friends podcast. He wanted something he could run locally inside of dropbox and can be referenced with keyboard shortcuts.

Updated Nov 2019 to remove jquery and mousetrap as the native apis are super powerful

Critical Hit Show - Bingo

As at Firfox OS days, and needed to come up with an app idea to try out thier ecosytem. Infinicatr was born.

I often rewrite it to try out new tech.


As at Firfox OS days, and needed to come up with an app idea to try out thier ecosytem. Infinicatr was born.

I often rewrite it to try out new tech.

Ingrid Intimidator

I wanted an excuse to play with some html5 audio and canvas, so created a fun little game for Critical Hit Show.



Originally designed by Colin at firefox dev days. I rebuilt it using angular one day.

Yet Another Online Interaction Role Playing Game

Creation year: 2003

A silly little web based game myself and a couple other students made for one of our BCIT classes. The ask was to make a website.

It was codenamed YAOI RPG, mostly for the giggles, because few knew what yaoi was. Officially it stood for:

Yet Another Online Interaction Role Playing Game

The teacher was really impressed as most people just made generated e-commerace sites using tools provided. Teach proclaimed how much he loved yaoi now.

Useful open source projects

Flask Atlassian Connect


Little library to make it easier to write atlassian cloud integrations. I personally used it to write a bamboohr integration. We used it a couple of times at saucelabs to write a couple other applications as well. This is my first released python module.

Salty Stories - Web

Web version of the salty stories mobile applications


Broken Unmaintained

Development SMTP server with web interface

Jenkins projects - Plugin Site

A static site that presents all the data jenkins has about the various plugin ecosystem - Web Components

A set of web components to unify the experience across all properties - Stories Site

A collection of user stories collected by Jenkins project, converted to a static site

Legacy projects

Electronic Convention Management

Broken Unmaintained

A project I worked on with Stephen Tiu for some of the conventions we volunteered at. We created it as an attempt to be a self manage ticketing system that could be setup once, then reused from year to year.

Some features include:

  • Multiple Ticket options
  • History of past tickets
  • QR Code generation

Sadly a bunch of the dependancies are no longer available, this was before the days of composephp, so its pretty broken

Kode Foto Backup

A tool I wrote a long time ago to download all your photos you had backed up to the livejournal photo service (FotoBilder).

Warning, this was my first C# program, coming fresh out of school.


Dark Warriors

The second of two MUDs I worked on.

Starwars Themed mud based on the SWR codebase. Some chunks taken from my other attempts, but lots of new functionality as well.

Created by both Mark Gottselig and myself (Gavin Mogan), as well as a other people submitting pieces along the way.

Unknown Regions

The first MUD project I deveoped and ran. Conflicts between adminstrators caused the project to shut down with a large part of the assets going missing, but I was able to save the actual codebase and some content.

Starwars Themed mud based on the SWR codebase.

Some of the features include: (At time of writing its been more than 10 years)

  • Adult Emote Support
  • Bone breaking and healing
  • Child bearing
  • Crafting
  • Random events such as earthquakes

Everything else

Hipchat Dance Party

Wrote a fun little hipchat plugin during atlassian dev week. Sadly the spotify api has since gone away so the service had to be shut down.


Long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I was using Moveable Type as a blogging engine.

This is a tool I wrote that cross-posted to livejournal. It got decently popular at the time and I got to know most of the major users.

Jira Cloud and BambooHR addon

NPM Modules

NPM modules I've published

Not the Plants

Created a game with a couple other people for the Pirate Software Jam 2024. Its a tower defense game. We got a decent little prototype done in one week.